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In addition to the application of marble on the floor and wall, it is not uncommon for designers to choose the design of the main TV wall due to its special pattern. After traditional slate is processed, it retains its natural and rough style, making the complicated construction method simple and easy to learn. Because the construction is convenient and fast, and it meets the needs of modern people for leisure, it is not only used in garden landscaping, leisure residences, and high-end hotels. There is a lot of usage. Effect: Nature and luxury merge into one

Hualien Taiwan

In many places, the landscapes define the place, the people. Hualien is that kind of place, a place where Mother Earth delivers her most beautiful gemstones. Four of Earth's tectonic plates converge here, pushing mountains of pure marble from the sea, the Pacific Ocean. This precious geology weaves the backdrop of everyone's lives in Hualien.

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The stone picked from nature, whether it is color or texture, is naturally natural, showing a magnificent and high-quality texture. There are many types of natural textures of stone, and the colors vary from white, beige, green, brown, pink, red to black. A Granite has high hardness, dense texture, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, not easy to weather, bright crystal, cool color. Most of them are darker in color and have granular colors. The color is not beautiful and the price is high.

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